Let’s get straight to the point and talk about our COPPA solution.

So, YouTube just announced a MAJOR update on their platform and that change is going to affect every YouTube channel that makes videos for kids, gaming videos or pretty much, any video that YouTube’s algorithm decides it should be affected.

When we say, affect, we mean it in a worst possible way. In the way that undermines and sabotage a main reason that every YouTube channel owner wakes up for in the morning to create a quality video content: MONEY!

What do we know for now? Basically, we learned learned, that YouTube is into Magic!

Magic? HOW?

Well, with a help of COPPA, (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), YouTube is making your channel revenue: Disappear!

We know that everything happened so fast and the whole world is crashing on YouTube channel owners who are doing this for a living.

DON’T WORRY as we have a IMMEDIATE solution for you.

Our simple and yet very powerful message to you, a hard working YouTube channel owner is: “Keep Calm and Come to Television!”

Here, at Zox TV Network, we can bring your whole YouTube channel on television, 100% FREE OF CHARGE.

That will be a place where YOU will have a COMPLETE control of your content.

The best part is that your revenue on TELEVISION, will make your current YouTube channel revenue look like a POCKET CHANGE!!!

Having a TV channel brings you and your YouTube channel an instant authority and only thing you have to do is this:

Let Your Current YouTube Channel Subscribers Know, to Follow You to Your TV Channel.

Create a video explaining everything and you should do that ASAP.  According to YouTube themselves, deadline is January 2020. Apparently, your followers will no longer be notified about your new videos after that.

Once we set up your TV channel monetization part, you will be celebrating COPPA!!


Our promise to you is that as soon as we set up your TV channel which is (100% FREE of Charge), you will love it or your money back!

Wait a minute – WHAT MONEY?

Just kidding! There’s no charge to begin with!

All jokes a side, once we show you how the monetization part of your TV channel works, you will be singing all the way to the bank!

P.S. Having a TV channel is such a big deal, even a giant like YouTube has 2 (TWO) of them!

Why wouldn’t you have one or more for yourself?

Don’t wait, get ahead of the curve and be one of the first one to grab YOUR spot on TELEVISION, crush your competition and say goodbye to YouTube. FOREVER.

Call us today, as that might be the most important phone call in your (soon to be ex) YouTube career.

We are looking forward hearing from you!