FREE School Districts TV Channels

 Before we explain how any school district can generate massive income with their school’s TV channels, let’s start by clarifying that there’s ZERO cost to have a School TV Channel. Period.

Having said that, imagine a Channel where any parent with a Smart TV can see their child’s sporting game, recital or any other event they may have missed.

Perhaps a video lecture available for a sick student that may have missed school or going to be absent for longer period of time. How about that as thinking outside of the box?

Picture a place where any parent, alumni or faculty member can go and view any event from that school.

This is just the tip of the opportunity that is available with school’s own TV channel for educational and informative purposes.

Finally, let’s talk about putting the School TV Channel to work and generate additional income that every school in a country can use more of it.

It is totally natural that each student will have their parents, friends and other family members (local residents) watch the TV channel of the school they attend.

Now, everybody knows that Local Residents are bread and butter, an immediate consumer base for ANY local business.

Other words, local businesses need local customers or they will not be in a business for too long!

Granted, those same local business will love to be a sponsor of a local school TV channel, be seen by local audience and therefore compete for same local market share they operate in!

It does NOT get any more targeted than that. Period.

As many schools have their loyal sponsors for years and even decades, those same sponsors (and many new ones), will love to see their business featured on television.

Since there is no limit how many sponsors a school channel can have,it is very easy to see that just 20 sponsors per school, can generate a massive additional income just from advertising.

Now, let’s multiply all that with number of schools in the School district and each with their own TV channel.

To say that potential is big, is an understatement.

We are sure that at this point you might have many questions, so give us a call at 844-TV-VIDEO (844-888-4336) so we can discuss further.