We Cracked a Code of Google Ranking

Welcome to our latest service page. As you already know, besides developing and publishing TV channels, by using some very powerful media sources, we are now creating and ranking niche websites so our customers can have an exclusive leads utilizing the traffic such websites will get once they rank high in Google.

This is NOT like Home Advisor or Angie’s List where the same lead is sent to many local businesses so at the end, only one of them actually gets a job, but all of get charged a hefty amount in a process. That is RIDICULOUS!

You are about to discover what our awesome team developed in the last 9 months of a very hard work. All you should know is that it was totally worth it, it works for us and it will work for you. Guaranteed!

Extremely Important-Please Read

The process of ranking a website does require a lot of patience as Google takes its sweet time to rank anything, especially the brand-new site. If the patience is not your strongest suit, this will not be for you and you should leave this page

Who is this for?

If you are a business owner and looking for fresh leads and to dominate in your city in your line of business for the long time and crush your competition, you are on the right place and this service is for you. As we boldly stated that we cracked the Google code, we stand behind that. After all, we guarantee the results for our work or your money back, so you have nothing to lose.

Today’s Reality

In today’s world of internet, it is absolutely unimaginable and to be frank, impossible to run a business of any kind without internet presence, without having a website or paying for ads. In here we will talk exclusively about running our own websites as Google ads as everyone knows that Google ads can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month.

If you are now thinking: okay, I have a website already, let me ask you something: is it actually making you money by ranking on Google one of its two top pages? Just I case your website is indeed ranking on Google and bringing you consistent leads that you convert into the customers, we congratulate you on your success and in that case, you really don’t need our help.

Still here? Okay, no hard feeling but that means that you either don’t have a website or you have one but it’s only collecting digital dust, meaning: it is not ranking on one of the first two Google pages.

Good Great News

Don’t worry, we can fix all of that. We can build a site that will stick to one of the two top Google pages that will bring you s*** load of leads and therefore, s*** load of work and ultimately – revenue. We are talking about building a full-blown website with the 100% original content, fully optimized, on and off the site.

Just in case you are emotionally connected to your existing website (not sure why if the only thing it does, it sleeps on the bottom of a Google sea), we can help you there as well. We do not exclude that your site maybe sits on a page number 8 or 28 and it just needs a little bit of our magic to boost up, so we can certainly help there as well but that it is a totally different service and you can find it HERE.

What is included

Your Industry Review and Website Structure Building

Analyze your niche in a city or area you conduct your business in. Analyze your competition, opportunity and advise you on the plan of action we are going to take to build the site that will produce leads to your business-exclusively. In case that you have your own site, we will analyze it and let you know what to change on the site while do our magic off site.

Professional Content Writing

No site is completed without the content, but not any content. Relevant content to the topic of the site is the only content that should ever be on the site. Our professional writers will write optimized and extremely relevant content for each page, which in turn will get rewarded by search engines in better and faster rankings.

Site Speed Optimization

We will conduct a Google site speed test. The report will be sent to our development team to review and correct any reported issues from Google to help improve overall site speed, which is an important ranking factor with Google and other search engines.

On Site Optimization

We will set up and configure complete optimization of the site. That will help the website rank higher and faster. This part is essential for any website.

Meta Titles

Meta Titles are page titles that are displayed within Google search results. Meta title are different from the Page title, which is displayed on the page, and are best optimized for well ranked key phrases and search terms.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are a short paragraph of content that is added to Google search results. These descriptions should include important phrases, search terms, and calls-to-action for the visitor.

Image Title/Alt Tags

Accessibility is an important issue for webmasters. One of the ways we can improve accessibility is to ensure image title and alt tags are optimized. Those tags are also a key ranking factor on the SEO side of things, so optimizing them is a must.

Heading Tag Optimization

Page content is one of the main ways that Google determines what a website is about how to rank it. Ensuring the Heading Tags are focused on the page content and optimized with strong key phrases is vital for SEO.

Internal / External Links

Internal linking within page content helps overall SEO optimization. We will review the site to find opportunities for effective contextual links. External links are another factor to consider and our team will build them in manual and natural way and they will be picked up and indexed by Google for faster rankings.

Sitemap Check

Sitemaps should always be added to the Google Search Console. Our team will check and verify sitemap integrity, repairing any issues discovered.

Maintain The Rankings

Once the site reaches it rightful rankings in Google and other search engines, our team will keep doing the optimization so the website stays ranked high for months and years to come and keep bringing you business for as long as you want to stay with our service.


In an essence, you are leasing the site that we are going to build and rank on one of the top two Google pages exclusively for you and for the sole purpose of delivering fresh leads to you and no one else. This is NOT like Home Advisor or Angie’s List.

With your $2,995 initial investment, you are locking the  EXCLUSIVITY of the leads this new website will generate (refundable 100% if we don’t deliver the promised results – no questions asked)

We register a domain that will generate leads exclusively for you.

We build a website in your niche (your trade)

We write a 100% unique content for the website

We optimize the site through the roof

We host the site

We pay for SSL certificate so the site is secured, trusted by visitors and recognized as such by Google. Fact: Google loves secured websites!

We run off-page optimization (building quality and powerful backlinks)

We promote the website through various channels including the media

We wait 30-120 days for website to rank on first or a second Google page and you pay nothing else for that time


If the website is not ranked to at least second Google page, you can ask and get your 100% investment back. No questions asked. No drama. Done. We just ask you to give us 30-120 days to rank.


If the website is ranked to at least second Google page, you enjoy new leads and a nice revenue that comes with it.

Going forward, you pay $95/month which will cover hosting and ongoing optimization so the site stays ranked and keep delivering the leads to your business for a long, long time.

Give us a call or schedule a 1 on 1 consultation so we can put you on a winning track for good!