How to get MEDIA COVERAGE for your business and boost your website rankings-Guaranteed?

Getting a media coverage for your website is The Newest tool in our arsenal. Using some very nice perks of being in a media business, we can not offer a media campaign to our customers at the price a serious business can actually afford.

Our campaign will make a blast in all the media sites affiliate sites from NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WND and many other highly ranked News websites.




Google loves the fresh news and by getting a signal of high rated news websites talking about your article, Google is urged to give you a boost. Depending of where your site is ranking before you place the order, results will vary BUT it will definitely be higher than prior the campaign.

Not all Links are Made Equal!

Your article is Guaranteed to land on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WND Affiliated News websites, and with many of them linking back to your site!


By being on the such high-quality rated news websites, many of them will create a link to your website sending another powerful signal to Google that your site is important.

Of course, since we do not have a control over other sites, we can’t guarantee how many of the sites will send you the link back or for how long your article will stay there, but we do guarantee 1 thing:

Your website WILL get a boost just from 1 campaign but it WILL take 30-120 days to reflect the ranking so we are asking you to be patient. If the patience is not your stronger suite, please do NOT buy this service. If within that period your site ranking is not improved comparing to before the campaign, your payment for the campaign will be refunded – NO QUESTION ASKED!


Submit us a 400-500 words article and other information such as Company name, address, phone number (if applicable) and a website URL and we will start media submission coverage with our 300+ media partners.

Once it is all submitted, you will get a report of the campaign and all live links of it. From the process of you sending us an article to the actual media campaign start, it will take 10-15 days.

In case that you do not have the article or are unable to do it, we can do it for you as our professional copywriting team is ready to write an awesome and unique quality and optimized 500 words Publication article.

They are dependable, on time and many with an extensive experience in journalism and advertising

They are professional writers with thousands of press-release articles under their belt

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